2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R

The 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R continues with its
reputation of providing huge power output and backing up the
output with a menacing body. Unlike modern supercars most of
which use turbochargers and superchargers, Ford has maintained
a naturally aspirated engine for the GT 350R and its sibling
the GT350.
By doing this, Ford has helped the Mustang establish its own
fan base and a legendary history as a true American muscle car.
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2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Exterior

The GT350R body is very intimidating unlike most of the sports
cars we see today with elegant looking bodies. The GT350
retains the true definition of an American muscle car. 
The whole profile is optimized for performance purposes. Its
nose has been modified to improve its aerodynamics just as the
standard model. Its

Its grille, on the other hand, features angled ducts which pass
more air to cool the huge engine. Ford has replaced its fog
lights with air vents that channel air to cool its red-painted
brake calipers. Ford has placed a Shelby badge at the center of
the grille to show that this is not your regular Ford Mustang.

Still at the front, the automaker has added a huge air vent on
the hood which enhances air flow thus improve the vehicle’s
aerodynamics. At the back, you will find a lip spoiler and a
diffuser which also adds to its excellent aerodynamics. Other
features include a modified front splitter and a gigantic
carbon fiber rear wing which helps establish the balance
between lift and down-force.

The new Mustang Shelby GT350R 2017 rides on 19-inch
carbon-fiber wheels. The wheels are wrapped in Michelin Sport

The vehicle comes standard with features such as adaptive
dampers which the automaker has named “MagneRide’, differential
coolers, front suspension springs, an aluminum strut-tower
brace and a rear spoiler. Most of these features were offered
as options in the standard model. However, for 2017, even the
base model will feature these pieces of equipment as standard
making it more performance-focused like its performance


2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R Interior

Sliding inside, you will notice a very big difference compared
to the outgoing model. To start with, there are no rear seats.
In this model, you won’t find niceties like an a/c unit or even
a stereo inside.

The vehicle only features the minimum equipments needed. Others
have been discarded to reduce its weight in order to improve
its speed. Its two front seats are wrapped in leather with a
red contrast stitching. The steering wheel and shifter are also
wrapped in leather with red stripes. Unlike the standard model,
the GT350R does not even feature a rear camera meaning you have
to use your eyes to reverse the old school way.

There is an option to have all the discarded features back by
choosing the Electronics Package which adds auxiliary gauges,
floor mats, a tire inflator and a sealant kit in addition to
the discarded pieces of equipment. All this comes at an extra


Engine Specs and performance

Now, this vehicle is one of the best American-made muscle cars
if not the best. The fact that it does not use turbochargers or
superchargers makes it more appealing to the “old school
racing” enthusiasts.

Both the GT350 and GT350R share a similar engine. It is a 5.2
L, V-8 that pumps out 526 horses and 429 lb-ft of torque. Mind
you, this is a naturally aspirated engine. The mill is paired
to a 6-speed manual transmission that features a Ford-tuned
3.73:1 torsion limited slip differential.


Ford did not release performance figures but we expect the
model to be faster than the outgoing one. The standard GT350 is
estimated to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds. The
GT350R being lighter and having more performance features will
certainly better that figure as well as have a better fuel
economy. At these numbers, no other naturally aspirated vehicle
can rival the two Ford models in the world.

The engine also features engine oil coolers and 4 exhaust tips
that produce a Ferrari-like sound that you can’t miss when it
zooms past you on the streets when the owner decides to pass by
the city to do some shopping  before heading to the


Price and release date

Ford had not disclosed official prices of both the GT350 and
GT350R as of this writing. However, rumor has it that prices
will largely remain similar to those of the outgoing models.
The 2016 GT350 starts at $48,695 before options.

The 2017 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R is more expensive and
starts at $62,195, $13,500 more than the standard GT350. Since
the previous Track Package features are now standard, the
starting price of the GT350
is expected to jump to over $ 56,000 but that of the GT350R
will not change significantly. Adding extra options such as a
special car cover, ‘over the top” racing stripes and a special
black or yellow paintwork among others take the price to over $

Both models will be released in June this year. Unlike the
standard model, the GT350R will be produced in limited numbers.
Ford has not confirmed the number of units it will produce but
they will be less than 50 given that last year the automaker
produced only 37 units.