2018 Kia GT concept

It is around five years since we saw the Kia GT Concept in
2011. I bet that just like me, you had already forgotten
everything about it, well until a photo of a camouflaged model
started doing rounds on the internet. Sometime later, another
camouflage model was caught doing runs in Orange County which
means the model is near its official debut into the market.When
it comes out, the 2018 Kia GT is targeted to compete with
luxury sedans like the Audi A4.

I believe the automaker has been carefully planning their
assault on German-made sedans hence the lengthy delay. 
From the photos, we can see that the model has been toned down
for production purposes but it retains the first concept
aggressiveness and coupe-like stance.

2018 Kia GT Spy Photo

2018 Kia GT Spy Photo

2018 Kia GT concept Exterior

According to credible reports, the 2018 Kia GT will be based on
a rear-wheel drive platform which it will shares with Hyundai’s
Genesis G70. The model captured testing was under heavy
camouflage and there is not that much that could be seen.

However, we have noticed that the suicide doors have been
replaced with conventional doors. At the front, the model
features a chrome finished grille. Other visible exterior
features are its intricately designed C-pillar and quad exhaust
tips at the rear. Kia has used a unique rear styling referred
to as the “Kammback-type” which makes the model look very

Overall, the model looks sleek and attractive enough to draw
some attention away from German-made sedans. However, the
interior is where the battle is won and I hope the automaker
will offer a matching cabin.


2018 Kia GT concept Interior

Our spy photographers could not get close enough to look at the
cabin. However, given the level of styling the models the Kia
GT wishes to compete with receive, Kia has to offer a
particularly comfortable, luxurious and conveniently-styled


I believe premium leather will be the standard upholstery
material on the seats, dashboard and door panels.  The
steering wheel and shifter will also be wrapped in leather.
Real wood will also be used on the dash and door panels to add
a dose of exclusivity.  Expect the seats to be heated and
the front seats to be power adjustable.

In terms of technology, I expect the latest connectivity
features, a state-of-the-art infotainment system and a quality
sound system. Safety technologies with semi-autonomous
functionality will also be offered.

Overall, I believe the cabin will be quite serene and a good
place to spend some quality time in.

The Engine specs and performance

Under the hood, I expect the same engine as the one used on the
2011 concept. The unit is a turbocharged 3.3 L, V-6 which
produces 389 hp and 394 lb-ft of torque. The engine will be
mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission system similar to
the one on the Kia Cadenza as well as the Genesis G90. A manual
gearbox could be offered as an option. The model will be
offered in rear-wheel-drive.

According to rumors, the automaker will also offer a
turbocharged 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine tweaked to produce a good
deal of power. There is also a possibility for a hybrid engine
which will combine the 2.0 L, 4-cylinder engine with an
electric motor.


Kia GT Concept

Price and release date

Being a new entrant in a very competitive segment led by the
German-made luxury sedans, Kia will most likely make the GT
more affordable. As such, I believe a starting price of around
$ 35,000 is likely.

As for the release date, the car might make an early debut in
2017 as a 2018 model car. Before the vehicle hits the market,
the model will be showcased at the Paris Auto Show according to



KIA wants to use the model to up it game on the luxury sedan
segment. It is set to enter into a field which the likes of
Mercedes-Benz C-Class and BMW 4-Series call home. The likes
of the Infiniti
Q50, Lexus
IS, Cadillac
ATS and Jaguar
XE are also making inroads in this segment so competition
will be very stiff.